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“Leo is The Best in The Business. He has provided truly creative insights into my work.
More than just the ability to take a script apart, he actually has ideas for putting it back together.
Knowing Leo, he probably even has a suggestion for improving this quote.”

Andrew Niccol, Writer/Director
   The Truman Show, Gattaca, Lord of War


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve lived for the movies. I’ve been lucky enough to turn that infatuation into a career I love. I’m a professional script consultant with over a decade’s experience providing story notes for A-list writers, directors, actors and producers. I’m also a working screenwriter, so I know what it feels like to be on the other side of the fence. When I read a screenplay, I don’t see a product. I see someone’s dream, which they slaved over for months and maybe years.  

As a script consultant, I’ve always had a very simple philosophy:

My job is not to dictate the story I decide you should have written. My job is to find the essential story you were already attempting to tell. Plato believed the chair you’re sitting on is only one version of the ideal chair that exists in one’s mind. He would have made a hell of a script doctor! You began with an ideal version of your script in mind, but that may not be what ended up on the page. That’s where I come in. That ideal script, the one your screenplay already contains somewhere within its pages, is our ultimate goal. I’m not here to change your screenplay. I’m here to help you find it.


“Leo is an exceptional script consultant whose inspired story notes invariably
improve the screenplays you give him.” 

— Mike Marcus, Former COO of MGM Pictures, Producer
Get Shorty, Good Morning Vietnam



I am the only person who will analyze your screenplay. Many script consultant companies offer script notes churned out by vague, unidentified groups of producers, agents and creative executives, most of whom are business people first and story experts last. The formulaic story notes they provide won’t answer the specific narrative problems of your screenplay.
I come at your script from a different perspective. I’m a writer and I see your screenplay through a writer’s eyes. Secondly, I've worked for small but high profile film companies where the quality of the scripts was more important than the quantity.  Instead of reading hundreds of scripts per month, I provided detailed, in-depth story notes for a far smaller number of top tier screenplays. More importantly, that was my only job at these companies; reading and improving screenplays as opposed to selling them. Don’t misunderstand me. Films don’t get made unless extremely talented people package and sell them. But you have to have something worth selling first. You have to have a great script. That’s where I can help.

“Leo's notes, in style and substance, are without question the most insightful, constructive, and thought provoking I have received on any of my projects. He has worked with me on two projects including the most recent film, which I wrote and will be directing. I can safely say that I will never write a script and/or direct a project without first having Leo read and
provide notes—he is the ultimate collaborative story consultant.”

—Jeremy Stein, Writer/Director
The Photographer, Jack & Addie
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